Why is there no buy-it-now option on this website

Even though John at EGE has built and maintains a completely secure and bullet proof website, there are no active commerce features on here. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop in at The Clock Gallery in Ealing to buy one. 

What is the lead time on ordering

Variable, from a couple of days if I've pre-built one or more, to a few weeks if I haven't and need to have movements or rotors made in Switzerland. In general I build to order so I can keep the final price reasonable.  Email me for current status.

Why don’t you write Made in England on the dial or back plate

All design, engineering, the build and many of the components are from the UK, and The Marine Chronometer Company trades and operates as Classic Chronographs Ltd, a UK registered company. However, the base movement is from Switzerland and a large portion of the other components are from countries outside the UK.  The substantive part of the watch, where the value is added, is in the UK and therefore it's perfectly legitimate to write 'Made in the UK' on the watches. I feel though that this would be misleading and so instead acknowledge the two main countries.

I know it can be confusing if you don't live here, but England is just one of four countries that make up the United Kingdom; Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England, the first three of which have a devolved parliament or assembly.  Great Britain is the countries that form the main island; Scotland, Wales and England.  Most of the surrounding small islands are part of the UK, but some are Crown Dependency British Isles with their own parliaments. Laws and taxes therefore vary depending on where you are.  England doesn't have a devolved parliament to ensure the government is voted for by everyone in the UK.

Why do you use the Valjoux 7750 movement

The 7750 is an integrated chronograph rather than a base movement with a chronograph module fitted on top. It is (in my view) the best, most accurate and most robust chronograph movement, and it can be serviced and repaired by a wide network of watchmakers. The 7750 combines elegant simplicity with the highest level of accuracy and 40 years of refinement. The Field Engineer movement is called calibre 775M2 as it has quite a lot of modifications, but remains at its heart a 7750.  As the picture shows, movements are built and delivered in dust proof cases with a blank self-winding rotor to ensure they've been running for a few days before they're modified, timed and tuned.

Does ETA restricting movement supply affect you

Thankfully not. However, since long term planning is a key part of good engineering, the Field Engineer can switch to the Sellita SW500 or Eterna Calibre 39, as their base architecture matches the 7750, or to a third option for a fully bespoke movement. 

Since you’re a subsea engineer why don’t you make a divers watch

The original divers chronograph I built was a touch bulky and had an annoying habit of slipping around my wrist. I sold a few, but when I introduced the Field Engineer I offered owners a very reasonably priced trade up. All divers watches were thus returned and destroyed.

What's the most frequent cause of repairs

Drops and knocks. A mechanical watch is a finely tuned piece of machinery that is running on your wrist at 28 thousand beats per hour. It's not a battery powered printed circuit with next to no moving parts. Knock it hard onto something unforgiving you can damage it. This is true for all mechanical watches; they need to be treated with a little care and consideration. Marine Chronometer Company chonographs are designed, engineered and built to be as robust and shock resistant as possible. The 2 year no quibble free repairs gives you the time to adjust to wearing your watch, and I can guarantee that after a couple of months you'll have adjusted without even realising it. Think of a new watch like a new coffee table. You'll bang your shins on it once, but will then subconsciously learn not to do it again.

Chronometer, Chronograph?

The former is a time keeping device that meets certain accuracy and consistency levels, the latter is a time keeping device with a built in stopwatch.  The Field Engineer accuracy is within Swiss COSC levels, although I don't send each one to them to verify as it would be rather expensive and a little pointless, and the chronograph measures seconds to 1/8th of a second (more accurate than brain to finger reaction time), minutes and hours.  The chronograph hour counter is the small dial at the 6 o-clock location and, as one complete revolution is 12 hours, you can actually use it as a second time zone.

Do you make a black dial version

I get asked quite a lot for a black dial version, but having made a few prototypes I'm afraid I haven't yet found a finish and colour shade combination that I like.

Why does the Roman numeral case use IIX for 8

Because IIX is easier to read and has 20% less engraving than VIII and therefore is more legible and presents a better visual balance against the IV on the other side.  I'm sure the Romans would have got there eventually.

How does the tachymeter bezel work

Click the sweep seconds when you drive or cycle past something, click it again exactly 1 mile later and the second hand will be pointing to your average speed. Of course you need two objects exactly 1 mile (or 1km if you're metric) apart, which is a bit of a flaw in the whole concept.

Why the use of Fibonacci numbers

OFFSHORE Professional chronographs are built to last a long time and to ensure they have no current fashion or trends in them I used a mathematical way of designing the asthetic and visual aspects; Fibonacci numbers. The higher up the Fibonacci sequence you go, the closer you move to the golden ratio of 1:0.618, which is a ratio of proportionality that is aesthetically perfect and has been used since classical times. I use the golden ratio and the numbers and proportions from lower down the sequence for all visual design to produce a very coherent and balanced design that has no reference to fashions or trends. Avoiding these is the key to longevity in design.

Will you make a ladies watch and other models

No doubt one day I will make a unisex watch and the next model, the Navigator, is in the early stages of design and engineering.


A production level of one to two dozen a year doesn't justify the cost of magazine and watch show appearances.  

Why are they so much cheaper than some of the alternatives

Designed and built with no consideration whatsoever to the cost, just the desire to be as perfect as possible.  Sold with an equally unusual concept to do things as ethically and reasonable as possible.