Customising your watch

In-house customisation currently extends to case engraving, straps, movement screw colour and Roman numeral or Tachymeter bezels.

Case engraving

Simon Wright,, creates fine jewellery from his studio workshop in Clerkenwell, London. Providing a completely bespoke service, he works closely with clients to create their dream designs with only the finest diamonds, gemstones, platinum and gold.  Simon provides bespoke engraving on Marine Chronometer watchcases (without using the hammer visible in the below picture).


Hand-made in Munich, Germany, custom straps can be ordered in a variety of materials, colours and finishes.  The straps are made by John Glance on a Field Engineer case jig to ensure a perfect case and deployment buckle fit. Dangerous9straps to view the range of skins, leathers, finishes and colours.

Movement screws

Blue head screws in the movement are standard as the colour is really nice and complements a blue lining or stitching on the strap.  The screw heads and movement rubies are the only non neutral colours in the watch, so if you have a passion for a red or other colour strap or stiching and think the blue screws might clash then you can specify silver finish screws instead.  Silver finish screws are a no cost option.

Roman numeral bezel

The standard bezel has a Tachymeter scale, but Roman numeral hour numbering is available as an option.  The 8 on the Roman numeral bezel is engraved as IIX as I think it's more intuitive to read than VIII and the Romans would probably have got around to doing it this way given time.  The slightly less engraving in IIX also provides a better visual balance to the IV that opposes it on the other side.  Roman numeral bezel is a no cost option.