Standard straps are switching to a hand-made construction that is designed and made specifically to fit the Field Engineer. 


The new standard strap is hand-made in matt black Teju leather with navy-blue Teju lining, black stitching, a curved end and thickened profile.  They're made by John of dangerous9straps in Munich, who also makes a variety of customs versions.  Pictures are further down under 'Custom Straps'. 

A second standard strap is being developed with a similar curved end construction and hand-made in layered saddle leather and crocodile.

The butterfly deployment clasp is made from solid 316L stainless steel with the OFFSHORE Professional logo engraved into it.  The clasp opens and closes by pressing the side releases.  The tight case fix and thickened core combine with the deployment clasp to create a gentle but effective fastening of the chronograph to your wrist. The strap and clasp are adjustable for a wide range of wrist sizes.

It is very important that when doing up the strap you don't bend the teju leather as shown on the right hand image above.  The technique to correctly do up the strap and clasp is to 'dive' the strap tail into the holder as seen on the left hand image.  Everything about the strap, it's composition, pre-curved shape and the clasp mechanism is designed to ensure there is no tight radius bending and so to maximise its lifespan.  Using the right hand image technique will cause a spit on the inner teju after about 6 months.  The teju strap is splash and rain proof but is not waterproof.  Immersion in water will cause accelerated degeneration. 

The straps are 22 mm wide at the lug and 20 mm wide at the clasp.  Any straps of these dimensions can be used with the Field Engineer.  

Custom Straps

Hand-made in Munich, Germany, custom straps in a variety of materials, colours and finishes can be ordered directly from John Glance.  As with the standard straps, John's custom straps are made on a Field Engineer case jig to ensure a perfect case and deployment buckle fit. to view the range of skins, leather, finishes and colours and email john to order a custom version at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

John's super-matt Teju skin straps, as pictured above, are tough and hard wearing as well as incredibly nice and good looking, which is why they've become standard. Other materials for a custom strap include stingray, shark, kangaroo, ostrich and alligator, in any combinations of skins, colours and stiching.