Warranty & Guarantee

Within the limitations of mechanical watches, there isn't much in day-to-day life that will destroy a Field Engineer. If you break a crown, button, sapphire crystal, damage the movement or do anything else from any reasonable level of accident (dropping onto a tiled floor for instance) over the first 4 years of ownership then just send it back and it will be repaired or replaced. The warranty extends to the clasp and bracelet, and may be extending to the new standard fit straps if they live up to the expected exceptional life expectency (currently the warranty doesn't cover the straps). The Warranty is very easy going as I haven't found anything yet that isn't a perfectly reasonable way of breaking a watch. Breakages to date have been minor and principally from knocking or dropping onto very hard surfaces, which the compression system in the M2 movement solves.  Interestingly, no breakages have occured to the sapphire glass as the steel bezel appears to do its job of protection extremely well.

If you manage to break an OFFSHORE Professional Field Engineer through something not covered by the Warranty, like running over it with a car, then I will replace it at half the price of a new one. This is a (my) lifetime guarantee regardless of any abuse, lack of servicing or number of owners. Failure analysis is a important part of engineering and from a dent or damage, I can back calculate the impact energy and physical deceleration that caused it, and hence the energy levels that were absorbed or transmitted through each of the shock absorbing layers. The designed deceleration limit before timing and movement exceeds tolerance is 1000G laterally and 600G axially, so if you do accidentally drop it try and do so sideways.

OFFSHORE Professional triple view